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A Crafted Life

When I take the time to ponder on what constitutes A Well Crafted Life, a myriad of elements come to mind which need to all balance harmoniously. The objects which you collect in your homes, that together make up a design aesthetic; the people you surround yourself with; every aspect of life deserves careful consideration, appreciation, and a conscious approach. If we reflect on the reason, we immediately connect greater meaning to the objects we select, the places we visit, the experiences we sign up to, and the people we encounter. When you purchase a handcrafted object, you are drawn not only into an artisan’s personal story but also into a collective cultural heritage, which represents years of passion, dedication, and the patient transmission of knowledge. This deeper connection with our past and our future through collecting objects is fundamental to appreciating craftsmanship and recognizing its significance. Not only is fine craftsmanship synonymous with high quality, it is also closely entwined with human values. These values are more important today than ever, to cherish, to connect, and to celebrate the human talent and the ability to build extraordinary pieces from the natural materials of our beautiful earth. An artisan’s approach to their work is a deliberate one, a soulful one – each hand gesture must be careful and precise – executed at an exact moment, the use of tools requires great skill and practice, then the creative imagination must work in harmony with the hands and the craft mastered to such a level that an artisan can then innovate. We are proud to work with an exciting array of artisans, whose creativity is enabling them to carry forward into the future both tradition and novelty, in exceptional ways. A life well crafted, so, is one that looks to tradition and heritage for inspiration, but to human creativity and curiosity for new solutions, thus enabling us to always move from vision to perception. And meaning.

 by Franco Cologni    

Michelangelo Foundation