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Who is the Creator behind your Creative?

How well do you know the person or team assembled behind the words, images, and universe you are asking them to create for you? Do you care?

Over the last several days, multiple holiday messages filled my inbox – some from brands, others from peers, some short, others long, and some more personal than others.

All were created with the best of intentions, sending warm wishes.

One noticeable commonality in the majority of the messaging was:

“Look at us!” We went here, we did that, we won this”
“Look at us!” We are in 4 continents, opened up 19 offices, and grew by 200%”

You get the point.

All the marvelous achievements were, of course, followed by “…and we do all this for you and wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy of Holidays.”

This led me to think of the descriptors we use to describe ourselves and our businesses.

LinkedIn is full of “results-driven” professionals and companies.

Then, there is the values-driven bunch. Value-driven companies focus their deliberation on personal beliefs and principles.

Finally, purpose-driven companies emerged over the last two decades as the best of both worlds. These are organizations that revolve around an altruistic cause beyond profit-making.

In the hyper-performance, success-oriented world we operate in, our focus remains virtue-driven.

We are intentional and motivated by nature rather than self-advantage.

We are driven by compassion, empathy, and a sense of the common good.

Courage, humanity, and truthfulness is what you will get when you work with us.

Let’s care together! Get to know each other beyond our resume of successes. Why do we create? Why you should believe in our team and vision? Going deeper will serve and enable us to develop a long, sustainable relationship.

“Who is the Creator behind your Creative?”

Let’s start a dialogue.