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The Nature of Luxury

Swimming, paired with walking in the woods, is a beloved pastime. Every encounter in creation, one, faithfully, experiences its subtle beauty and silent magic… Qualities of nature those are healing and well documented since man has started to express himself. From the prehistoric paintings to today, man’s relationship with nature has been prized and examined.

“In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.” Aristotle

Sensational, ingenious, authentic, and enigmatic are impressions that Mother Nature leave on us. Very similar emotions arise in response to luxury.

The true nature of luxury begets marvelous, so does nature. The true nature of luxury begets simplicity, so does nature. The true nature of luxury begets precision, so does nature. The true nature of luxury begets purity, so does nature.

“The word of luxury cannot be explained; there is need for intuition, sensitivity, inspiration, fairy like fingers, the eyes of an artist and at the soul of a creator” Marie-Claude Sicard

Nature governs all and changes constantly, allowing us to see things differently. Rooted in history and tradition, Luxury is also devoted to constant renewed creation and innovation, pushing excellence and aesthetics boundaries.

Ultimately, nature and luxury offers us a journey into our senses with the search for meaning and the essence of everything.

“But there is really no beautiful style, no beautiful drawing, no beautiful color. There is only one beauty, the beauty of truth revealing itself.” Rodin